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At HCF we want to bring people into a ​vibrant relationship with God and others


God has created you for a purpose and given you talents, skills, and abilities to use for His glory.
​Serving in events or a ministry at HCF is one way to honor God with all He has given you. Listed below are the various areas you can connect and serve others.


For children ages 4 years to 5th grade. HisKids exist so that children will learn about Jesus Christ and come to know Him personally. We offer age-appropriate classes every Sunday at 10 am. If you are interested in being used to build up and disciple children, contact


Jesus Walkers exists to lead middle school students into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to nurture them through God’s Word to live, love, and discover His place in their lives. We meet every Sunday at 10am and Wednesday at 7pm. If you are interested in being used to build up and disciple children, contact


Next Generation exists to lead high school students into an intentional and personal relationship with Jesus as well as prepare them to connect with God and people with their time, treasure, and talents. We meet every Sunday at 10 am. If you are interested in being used to build up and disciple teens, contact


​Hospitality exists to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere by serving our guests and church family with refreshments. As we serve, we hope to demonstrate and share the love of Christ. If you are interested and have the gift of serving others, contact


Support Ministry exists to support and maintain an atmosphere that facilitates God’s work during our church services and events. Places to serve are security, greeters, ushers, setup, and tear-down. If you are interested and you have the gift of serving others, contact


Worship exists to create a heavenly atmosphere to give praise and glorify God. Places to serve are singing, musicians, audio tech, media tech, lighting tech, and platform. If you are interested and have a profound desire and sense for the presence of God and want to lead others in worship, contact


Prayer Central exists to glorify God by offering Him the prayer needs of our church, community, nation, and world. When we intentionally pray to Him, God comes into our lives and helps us with our situations according to His good and perfect will for our lives. If you are interested in being a part of our team or need prayer, contact


Community Impact Ministry exists to show God’s love to the world through community involvement; such as our Harvest Festival, and Thanksgiving Baskets. If you are interested and are gifted in serving others and/or showing hospitality, contact


Our Mission Ministry is actively involved in both local and global outreach efforts. Locally, we serve our community through volunteering at the food bank and engaging in various capacities. On a global scale, we extend our mission to Latin America and beyond, with recent missions taking us to Guatemala, where we share the love of Jesus through compassionate acts and selfless service. Our church family is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others, forging connections, and spreading hope and love within and across borders.

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